4 Fall activities You Can Enjoy with Your Family Outdoors

Although school-aged children have a summer break that simplifies family vacations, autumn ushers in moderate weather and an opportunity to enjoy outdoor fall activities. Most families no longer feel near-desperate for air conditioning, making this the perfect season for you and your loved ones to create lasting memories on a family vacation that has outdoor activities. Here are four fall activities you can enjoy with your family outdoors.

4 Reasons Road Trips are Better in the Fall

Once Labor Day Weekend is in our rearview mirror, it’s as if a switch is flipped and we go back to hectic schedules. Daily life seems to revolve around work, school, and running errands. The vast majority of the country does precisely the same thing, leaving plenty of space on the open road. Although you may be avoiding the seasonal trend, the fall activities on a pre-winter road trip are different in very pleasant ways.

1: Something About the Scenery

People often forget why being outdoors feels a little more relaxing during the fall. Part of it involves the gentle breezes and warm sunshine. But truth be told, the biting insect population is largely in retreat. And the further north you travel during a fall road trip, the fewer bothersome mosquitoes you’ll encounter.

2: Campgrounds and Hiking Paths are Less Crowded

While it’s true that camping doesn’t make as many fall activities lists after Labor Day, there are likely to be enough outdoors lovers to fill up the primo locations. But most will be weekend camping enthusiasts, leaving plenty of Monday through Friday vacancies.  Consider making advanced reservations at the most attractive locations if you want to weekend at them. Play the weekdays by ear and don’t hesitate to visit small towns off the beaten path.   Owning an RV for camping excursions can really add flexibility to your plans and give you more location options.

3: Cooler Fresh Air is Great for Your Immune System

Being outdoors allows you to breathe fresh air that has not been recycled through an HVAC system. Instead, you’ll fill your lungs and body with oxygen created by the surrounding flora. Higher oxygen levels improve health and ramp up the immune system. Getting a clean dose of fresh air is always a good idea especially before the cold winter weather arrives forcing most people to stay indoors and at the mercy of the dry heat from heating systems.

4: RV Travel in Fall Means Lower Prices

The great American road trip tends to be budget-friendly during autumn because parks, privately-owned campgrounds, and RV facilities consider it the “off-season.” Take a moment to check out camping fees along your preferred road trip route. You’ll likely season that higher summer prices dropped off just after Labor Day. That makes fall travel friendlier to family budgets.   

4 Fall activities to Enjoy Outdoors

Getting the most out of your leisure time doesn’t necessarily mean spending weeks away from home. There are plenty of fall activities that require only a modest investment in good adventure vehicles like an ATV or UTV and some quality time. These are four fall activities that also build fond memories.

1: Take a Fall Foliage Road Trip

The famed Blue Ridge Parkway, Table Rock State Park in South Carolina, and Brasstown Bald in Georgia rank among the finest places to experience fall foliage. But the basic fall foliage road trip involves a day trip or weekend drive with eyes on the colorfully changing leaves. One of the ways to make fall activities such as foliage-watching even more pleasurable is to book yourself into a historic B&B or luxurious spa.

2: Go Fishing or Hunting

Hunting and fishing remain a passion for many, and one of the perfect fall activities in terms of weather, game, and tall tales. Driving to nearby fishing holes or open lands makes these fall activities convenient. But hunting and fishing enthusiasts continue to discover that remote cabins and private game lands possess rich wildlife. Leasing cabins on fishing and hunting acreage proves rewarding in terms of a quality experience. That’s largely because the entire family can come along, even if some don’t hunt or fish.  

3: Have a S’mores Party at a Fun Campsite

Family time and fall activities go hand in hand, and campfires wouldn’t be perfect without the s’mores fixings. For those who have never indulged in a s’mores gathering, consider watching the classic film “Sandlot.” During the treehouse sleepover scene, Ham Porter teaches Scotty Smalls the proper s’mores-building technique over a candle. And yes, it’s one of the scenes Ham says, “You’re killing me Smalls!” Memories.

4: Explore Scenic Trails with an ATV

Cooler temperatures and fewer mosquitoes mean it’s time to embrace exciting outdoor fall activities such as ATV-ing across scenic trails and the unknown countryside. It’s generally advisable to secure a reliable ATV that can handle rugged hills, steep inclines, and won’t break down once you are miles deep in terrain. As fall activities go, exploring the natural world on a new ATV can be a great way to reset, enjoy nature, and have fun all at the same time.

Start Your Fall Adventures with MPCU

Fall really is the perfect time to explore the outdoors and enjoy a variety of fall activities. Make the most of this beautiful travel season by road with a recreational vehicle. MPCU has a variety of adventure vehicle loan options available from new and used RV loans to ATV and UTV loans. No matter how you choose to explore, Members Plus Credit Union has a financial solution for you! Apply today or contact us if you have any questions.

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