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Direct Deposit

Signing up for monthly direct deposit of your paycheck, social security, pension, government check, or any other recurring payment, into a checking account entitles you to the following benefits:

Direct deposit is a safe, simple and convenient way to automatically deposit funds into your Members Plus savings, checking or money market account. Through automated transfers, we can allocate specific sums to any loan or club account.

Check with your employer to see if direct deposit is available. If it is available, just print out the Direct Deposit Form, fill in the fields and give it to your employer. You can then print and fill out the Direct Deposit Allocations document and mail to:

Direct Deposit Allocations
Members Plus Credit Union
29 High Street
Medford, MA 02155

You may also fax this completed form to us at (781) 306-0682.

If you have Social Security directly deposited into your account, please use the form included in the last page of the Switch Kit.

*Does not apply to surcharges imposed by other financial institutions.