Transform Your Living Space – 7 Home Improvement Ideas You’ll Love

Is your home in need of some upgrades and updating? Sometimes a fresh coat of paint is all it takes, but other times there are more detailed home improvement projects that you need to improve the look and feel of your home. If you are wondering what project to tackle next, here are seven home improvement ideas to consider that will make a big difference in your home’s overall look.

1. Paint Your Cabinetry

Many kitchens and baths have unsightly wood colors on the cabinets, but investing in all-new cabinetry is quite costly. One option is to paint the cabinets. A white or cream is a nice neutral that will look great for many years, and gray is also popular. In the right space, a dark gray or even black can look elegant.

To paint cabinets, make sure you prep the wood well by sanding it down. This will help the paint to stick and cure properly.

2. Make a Pallet Wall

Wood from pallets can easily be repurposed into a stunning farmhouse chic wall. Simply deconstruct the pallet boards and stain them alternating, but coordinating, shades. Then, arrange them on the wall for a beautiful pallet wall look. This is an elegant fix that costs little to do.

3. Finish that Basement

Do you have a basement that’s not finished? Finishing the basement to transform it into a living room, playroom, home office or some other space can greatly improve your home’s comfort level. A finished basement extends your floor space, so your home suddenly becomes larger. It can also add another bedroom, provided you have an egress window or door, to help as your family grows. As you finish the basement, be sure to consider future needs, planning for power outlets, plumbing, and storage that you may need in the future.

4. Add Crown Molding

Crown molding makes a home look more elegant and upscale. New products made from polystyrene foam make it easier than ever to cut crown molding and fit it to corners without unsightly joints. If you use white as your color, crown molding doesn’t even have to be painted. You can update the look of your home in just a weekend with the right crown molding project. This will also make the home look more distinctive and finished when the time comes to sell. As an added bonus, crown molding hides uneven edges on ceilings that are common with DIY paint jobs.

5. Add a Kitchen Backsplash

The backsplash in a kitchen does two things. First, it adds an interesting element to the kitchen’s design. Tile, bead board, or wainscot can make the kitchen look more modern and attractive.

However, a backsplash has a secondary job. It helps you keep your kitchen cleaner. With a backsplash made from an easy-to-clean solid surface, you can quickly wipe up grease or other food that splatters. This protects the cleanliness of your kitchen while also improving its overall look.

6. Open up a Room

If you are looking for a bit more challenging home improvement option, consider opening up a room. If you have a wall that comes between two main living areas in your home, taking that wall out could create an open floor plan that you will love.

This is a home improvement task that does require a little professional assistance. Before you start knocking out walls, talk to an architect to ensure those walls are not load-bearing. If they are load-bearing, you will need to plan structural support, such as a support column, to help keep your roof where it belongs.

7. Add Smart Home Elements

Perhaps your home improvement should focus not so much on the look of your home, but more so on the function of it. Smart home elements, like a smart thermostat as an example, help you save money on utilities while also making your home more intuitive and enjoyable. You can add wireless technology to control lighting, heating and cooling, entertainment systems, and more!

While some of these projects are budget-friendly, others, like opening up a room or finishing the basement, may require a little more financial investment. Consider a home improvement loan to give you the funds to tackle one of these projects head-on, so you can better enjoy your home.

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