Best Time to Buy a Car [Including Top Tips for Getting a Car Loan]

If you’re contemplating a car purchase, you are likely looking for ways to save. After all, spending several thousands of dollars to buy are car is not something to do without careful thought. One way you can save is through timing your car purchase. By buying your car and getting a car loan at the right time, you can save substantially. Here are the secrets to helping you save through proper timing on your car purchase.

What Are the Best Months to Buy a Car and Take Out a Car Loan?

If you’re in the market for a new car, timing your search can help you get a great price. Certain months of the year are slower for car dealers than others, and this can lead to lower prices for you as you look for your new car.

September, which is when the new model years are typically released, is a great time to shop. This is when the dealerships want to start moving older inventory. As long as you don’t have your mind set on the latest model, you can get a great deal. October and November can bring additional discounts as dealers near the end of the year and add more new models to their inventories.

December also is an excellent month to buy a car. Most dealerships have to meet quotas, and if they’re short for the year, they’ll start discounting some inventory to move it out. The week after Christmas is particularly beneficial for car shopping.

If you miss these two hot selling months, consider January or February. These tend to be slower months for retailers, including car sellers, and as such dealerships are looking to make a deal.

Other Good Times of Year to Buy a Car

While October, November, and December are excellent months to buy a car, you may need a car outside of this three-month period. Another way to time your car purchase is to time it around major holidays, when dealers may offer holiday sales. Car dealers often offer sales at these holidays:

·        Black Friday – Car dealers are retailers, and they are often motivated to offer incentives on the biggest shopping day of the year.

·        New Year’s Eve – This is the dealer’s last chance to get sales in for the calendar year. If they’re running low to meet their quota, you can get a good price.

·        Memorial Day – Memorial Day is famous for car deals, so plan some car shopping after your barbecue.

Other major holidays also have car sales, but these three tend to bring the biggest discounts.

Early in the Week or Near the End of the Month is Best to Buy a Car and Get a Car Loan

Not everyone can shop on major holidays. If you need a car and don’t have the benefit of a flexible calendar, consider the timing of your visit that week or month. If you can shop early in the week, when dealerships tend to be slower or shop towards the end of the month, you may be able to snag a better deal. In fact, shopping on a weekday, with Monday being best, can save you as much as 0.61% on the cost of your vehicle. The fewer shoppers there are competing to purchase a car, the better your price will be.

Other Factors for Best Times to Buy a Car and Get a Car Loan

In addition to the overall competition and dealer motivation, the type of vehicle you’re shopping for may impact the timing of your car loan. Data has shown that certain types of vehicles sell for better prices at certain times of the year, such as:

·        Compact car – November

·        Midsize SUV – May

·        Full-size and small SUVs – December

·        Trucks – October

·        Midsize car – November

In addition, consider the timing based on your financial status. This has a direct impact on your car loan, and may be a more important factor to consider when deciding the best time to buy a car.

Save for Your Down Payment

A down payment lowers the cost of your vehicle and the amount of interest you pay over the life of your car loan. The more you put down on your vehicle, the more affordable it will be. A good down payment can also make your car loan more affordable by opening the door to a greater number of loans at a better interest rate.

Clean Up Your Credit

The best time to buy a car is when you are able to afford the car and the loan, and your credit rating impacts that significantly. A strong credit rating means a more affordable loan. If you have had time to clean up your credit rating, you are in a good position to buy a car.

Get Car Loan Pre-Approval

Finally, before you decide that it’s time to buy a car, talk to a lender. Get pre-approved for your mortgage before you start shopping. This will help you stay within a reasonable budget that fits your needs.

Always Ask – How Much Car Can You Really Afford?

Carefully consider your budget before heading to the car dealership. How much can you really afford to spend on a car? A good rule of thumb is to keep your monthly car payment within 15% of your monthly take-home pay. This will protect you from buying more than you can really afford.

Keep in mind that cars cost more than just their monthly payment. With any car you buy, you’ll need to plan for:

·        Gas or fuel

·        Repairs

·        Insurance costs

·        Taxes or registration

Some of these, like the fuel costs and insurance fees, vary from car to car. Take into account all of the costs of car ownership as you decide what you can afford to spend on a car.

Watch the Dealer Add-ons

Having your budget in mind before you head to the dealer is essential, but you still need to proceed with caution. Dealers make a commission on the total price of the cars they sell, but they may make more of a commission if they add on to your purchase. Adding extended warranties or maintenance packages helps the dealer make more profit on the sale, but could easily blow your budget.

In addition, be careful not to share your bottom-line monthly payment amount with the dealer, no matter how hard they ask for it. This is a negotiating tactic dealers use to try to fit you into a car, rather than allowing you to find a car that fits your budget. They will push the numbers around, extending the term of the loan for instance, to make the car fit your monthly max, and you can end up with a far more costly vehicle and car loan than you intended when you walked in.

Understanding the Bottom Line About Timing Your Car Purchase

So, what’s the bottom line? When is the best time to purchase a vehicle? The answer depends on your needs. When you’re financially prepared, know what you can afford, and have money for a down payment, then it’s a good time to buy a car. Timing your purchase around the calendar can also help you save, but it’s far more important to be financially prepared for the purchase, so take time to tighten up your finances and secure your loan pre-approval before you start shopping.

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