The Best Bicycle Paths in Massachusetts

Check Out The Best Bicycle Paths in Massachusetts!

Bicycling is a great way to stay in shape while enjoying the outdoors and a variety of incredible sites along the way.  Check out the best bicycle paths in Massachusetts which offer several amazing bike paths for riders to enjoy. There are paths that are fairly easy to ride while others can be more challenging. No matter what paths you choose there is plenty of gorgeous scenery to make you glad you decided to spend time out side. The following are 8 of the best bicycle paths in Massachusetts.

1. Cape Cod Canal Bikeway
Perhaps one of the most famous bike trails in Massachusetts, the Canal Bikeway offers a gorgeous, scenic ride for cyclists. Some of the specific sites riders can enjoy include boat traffic in the canal and unique homes along the shoreline. The path is fairly easy to ride and great for a casual bicyclist. The bikeway is approximately 7 to 8 miles between Sagamore and Bourne Bridges. Th

ere are also restrooms and benches located along the way if you need to take a break.

2. The Minute Men Bikeway
For those who would like a little history with their bike ride this trail passes through the same spot where the American Revolution first began. Built on an inactive railroad, the trail is just over 10 miles in length. This paved path is one of the most popular and well known in the state of Massachusetts. The Minute Men Bikeway is truly one of the best bicycle paths in Mass.
3. The Trail at Wompatuck State Park
This bicycle path provides 12 miles of paved trails with extraordinary scenery to enjoy along the way. There are several sites riders can see and explore while riding on the trails. These include a wooded campground and a natural source of water that visitors can drink at no charge. The trails are considered intermediate in difficulty.
4. Manhan Rail Trail

This 9-mile trail in Western Massachusetts gives bikers a wide range of interesting sites to see along the way. The trail makes its way through wooded areas, residential neighborhoods, and even through the downtown section of Easthampton. Even with the variety of scenery cyclists ride through, the path is entirely paved and easy to ride with few dips.

5. Nashua River Rail Trail
This 11-mile trail offers bikers a chance to ride through the towns of Dunstable, Pepperell, Groton, and Ayer. The trail is known for its stunning fall foliage as well as several scenic overlooks. The trail is paved and approximately 10 feet wide to accommodate not only bicyclists but also skaters, pedestrians, and wheelchairs. For those looking for a tranquil ride with beautiful scenery the Nashua River Rail Trail is one of the best bicycle paths in Mass.
6. Middlesex Fells

This path is for bicyclists who crave a little more adventure than what most of the paved paths may offer. The trail consists of 85 percent fire road and 15 percent single track. The 9-mile trail, also called the Mountain Bike Loop, takes riders through the Winchester reservoirs. There are even a few wooden bridges for cyclists to cross over during their journey. It should be noted that all mountain bikers are required to wear a helmet.

7. Maudslay State Park
While many of the previous trails mentioned offer scenic rides, this bike trail is simply spectacular. A large part of the Maudslay State Park trails are along the beautiful Merrimac River. Other spectacular views along the way include gorgeous gardens, arched stone bridges, and towering pine trees. The bike paths are considered carriage roads. The trails are located in Newburyport, about 3

5 miles from Boston.

8. Charles River Bike Path
This path consists of a 14-mile loop that will take you from Boston’s Museum of Science all the way to Watertown Square. The length of the entire trail is approximately 23 miles and winds through several areas in Boston to Auburndale. While it is considered a fairly easy path there are some places where it is very narrow and difficult to pass. Bicyclists can’t go wrong when choosing any of these great paths to enjoy for a few hours or an entire day cycling. Make sure to follow maps and safety guidelines to make the most of your journey!


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